Jules Aaron




1949, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Photographic Gallery, Cambridge MA

1951, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA

1951, Farnsworth Museum, Rockland ME

1951, Gallery of the Cape Art Center, Dennis MA

1951, DeCordova and Dana Museum, Lincoln MA

1954, Librairie Mistral, Paris France

1958, George Eastman House, Rochester NY

1960, Wellesley Pulic Library, Wellesley MA

1961, Carl Siembab Gallery, Boston MA

1965, Underground Gallery, New York NY

1967, Carl Siembab Gallery, Boston MA

April 16, 2013, The West End Museum, Boston, MA

Life in the West End 1947-1953: the Photography of Jules Aarons

Jules Aarons is an important figure in documenting the West End of Boston before the ravages of Urban Renewal. His photography bears witness to the vibrant, close-knit old neighborhood—the people, their lives and their relationships. Where city planners saw the West End as a candidate for modernization, Jules Aarons saw something else: “I knew that the dynamics of people whose social relationships involved their neighbors and the streets could be a source of creativity,” he wrote. The photographs in this exhibition capture a West End far removed from today’s — streets with remarkably few cars; political posters; adults chatting outside doorways; children showing off for the camera or so deep in conversation they don’t notice it at all.

2011, This Old House

This video, taken from an episode of This Old House, features interviews with Aaron Schmidt and Jules's son Philip Aarons about his photography. 

2010, Campus Center Art Gallery, Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg MA

Life in the Streets: Revisiting Boston's North End through the Lens of Jules Aarons

From September 15th-October 26th

2010, Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA

Into The Streets: Photographs of the West End

From September 12th-November 7th

2010, This Old House

Video of Jules Aarons photography on This Old House.  Features interviews with curator Aaron Schmidt and Jules's son Philip Aarons.

2010, Boston Public Library

Jules Aarons photographs from the BPL collection are on view in an exhibition entitled "Man in the Street".  An article about the exhibition in Boston.com details the show.  Please click here to read the article.

2009, Gallery Kayafas

Jules Aarons, V'natnu, is an exhibition at Gallery Kayafas in Boston's South End, that will feature the work of the artist alongside the work of August Sander, a photographer that Aarons greatly admired.  V'natnu means, "And he gave" in Hebrew.

2009, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln MA

2007, Gallery Kayafas, Boston MA

2007, Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris France

2004, Gallery Kayafas, Boston MA

2003, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln MA

2002, Wiggins Gallery, Boston Public Library, Boston MA

1999, French Library and Cultural Center, Boston MA

1999, Great Hall, Boston Public Library, Boston MA

1978, Carl Siembab Gallery, Boston MA

1972, Carl Siembab Gallery, Boston MA

1971, Newton Free Library, Newton MA

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