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Paris Streets

Jules Aarons always adored Paris.  He adored the food and the Bohemian culture of the Left Bank.  While studying at the University of Paris for his scientific doctorate, Aarons spent much of his free time with his twin-lens Rolleiflex, wandering the many interesting markets and enclaves of Paris. 

After earning his doctorate, Aarons returned frequently to France to pursue scientific endeavors and photograph.  His photographs of Paris capture his passion for the city, and the myriad personalities that makes Paris one of the most compelling and beautiful places on the planet.  He photographed the city and its inhabitants intermittently from 1953-1968.

His Paris photographs can be seen in the book Jules Aarons: Photographs of Paris 1953-1968.

For more information on the Paris street portraits of Jules Aarons, please contact his Boston based gallery, Gallery Kayafas.


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