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Jules Aarons spent time in the beach resort of Provincetown, on Cape Cod, during the summers between 1949-1965.  The photographer would bring his family each summer and rent a small one-room cottage near the house of his friend, artist Lawrence Kupferman and his wife Ruth Cobb.  

Provincetown at the time was a melting pot of Bohemian artists.  Jules immersed himself in this culture as a careful observer.  During his summers on the cape, Aarons photographed many members of the artist community; he also documented the robust fishing trade that served as the backbone of the local community. 

In 2002, Jules Aarons donated 61 of his Provincetown photographs to the Boston Public Library, coinciding with the publication of a book celebrating this body of work, entitled Provincetown, 1949-1965: A Photographic Memoir by Jules Aarons.  Many of his iconic Provincetown photographs are available through Boston based Gallery Kayafas.


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