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The Bronx

Jules Aarons was born and raised in the Bronx, and although he lived most of his life in the Boston area, in many ways the Bronx never left him.  The South Bronx when Aarons lived there was a predominantly Jewish enclave, and it was here that he developed his love for ethnic cuisine and the urban streetscape.  Many of his photographs from this period depict family members and other neighborhood dwellers deeply immersed in quotidian ritual.  Whether these subjects are hanging laundry on a clothesline out of an apartment window, or just sitting on the step passing time, these motifs are essential to the work of Jules Aarons.

Many of his iconic Bronx photographs are available through Boston based Gallery Kayafas.


Boston Streets

Although he was born and raised in New York City, Jules Aarons spent the majority of his life in the Boston area.  The d...
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